Healthmed Supplies are a premier supplier and wholesale distributor to the healthcare and workplace industry. We have over 25 years experience covering various sectors including; Private, Educational, NHS and Industrial. We also specialise in Occupational Health, Workplace and Doctors Surgeries.




Due to the high demand of certain products as a result of COVID-19 some of our products may be subject to delay or shortage and imposed limitations on quantities available to be purchased may also be applied.

Please note; we have not and will not increase our prices to profit from COVID-19 and have where possible maintained our prices. Whilst we always endeavour to maintain competitive pricing some products may be subject to price increases, this is due to increases out of our control.

All quotations provided may be subject to a price change and due to demand stock cannot be guaranteed. We are working very closely with our customers and suppliers to advise on stock availability and are doing our best to honour prices quoted.

Due to high demand our team are working very hard to process all orders and reply to order and stock requests in a timely manner.

Our response time may be slightly longer than usual and we fully appreciate your patience and understanding at this very busy time.



Please do not hesitate in contacting us for further information

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