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  • A great value fixed eyewash station
  • Supplied with integrated mirror allowing the user to self-check any minor eye issues
  • Includes 2 x 500ml sterile saline emergency eyewash and 2 x eyepad dressings
  • Easily wall mountable
  • Highly visible ensuring all staff know where emergency eyewash is located
  • Complies with the HSE requirements to provide at least 1 litre of emergency eyewash in areas where running water is not available

A fantastic value fixed eyewash station.  A great addition to an workplace where there is a risk of contamination from liquid or dust particles to the eye.  In any environment where safety eyewear is provided an eyewash station should also be present.

Eye Wash Station Includes 2x500ml bottles 2xEyepads


       Healthmed Supplies Ltd

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