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The Safe-T-Pro Plus is a sterile, single-use lancing device for obtaining capillary blood from the fingertip, or if the patient is a child under 1 year, from the heel. Comprises a release button, penetration depth adjuster and penetration depth indicator. Low penetration depth (approx. 1.3 mm). Medium penetration depth (approx. 1.8 mm, pre-set). High penetration depth (approx. 2.3 mm). Safe and easy to use, the ACCU-CHEK Safe-T-Pro Plus lancet device is designed to help you get the right amount of blood the first time. The Accu-Chek Safe-T-Pro Uno meets safety and hygiene requirements as it helps to eliminate accidental finger sticks, thereby preventing cross-contamination between patients, as well as providing optimum infection control. Diabetic lancets are used to puncture the skin to get a blood sample that you test to determine how much glucose is in your blood, Lancets can also be used to prick the skin in testing for food allergies.

  • Simplicity and easy to handle.
  • Single Use only
  • Needle, stainless steel
  • Stored needle prevents accidental needle sticks
  • Ergonomical and easy to grip for safe handling 
  • Hygienic - each lancet can only be used once
  • Equally suitable for right and left-handed use
  • After a single use, the complete lancing device is disposed of

Simple, 2-step lancing

  • Twist the sterility cap one quarter turn and remove.
  • Hold the lancing device between your index finger, middle finger, and thumb. Press the lancing device firmly against the chosen puncture site. Using your thumb, press the release button down completely. Move the lancing device away from the puncture site and discard it.

Accu-Chek Safe T Pro Plus Lancets (Pack 200)


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