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AMP ca850

The CA850 Series 4audiometer is the definitive industrial sceening audiometer. It is designed to meet all current and future audiometric screening requirements and will automatically measure, record and categorise hearing levels in the most effective manner possible. Utilising USB technology, the CA850 Series 4offers comprehensive results options. Archive quality prints, an internal database and a bi-directional PC link facilitate all requirements. The instrument can also be supplied with Amplivox Audibase PC software for statistical analysis requirements.

Compact, lightweight and extremely reliable by virtue of the fact that there are no moving parts, it is the ideal audiometer for both desktop and mobile screening requirements.

  •  Automatic Audiometry
  • 3 Test types inc Bekesy Test
  • On Screen Audiogram
  • Automatic HSE Results Analysis
  • Integrated Keyboard
  • Bi-directional PC Interface
  • Internal Database
  • Carry Case Included
Also available seperately for the CA850, include:
  • Printer
  • Carry case
  • Audiocups
  • Paper


The Amplivox PC850 is an automatic audiometer that integrates with a PC to provide a comprehensive and pro-active audiometric facility. With a unit weight of just 715g, the Amplivox PC850can be transferred from location to location with ease.The Amplivox PC850is a cost effective solution for the provision, storage and management analysis of audiometric test results.

  • Pro-active PC Based Automatic Audiometer
  • Bekesy Test Function
  • Test Results Analysis
  • User Defineable Recall Facility
  • Identification of "at risk" Personnel
  • In depth Management Analysis
  • Patient Communication Facility
  • Portable
  • Weighs 700g
  • Supplied with Mains adapter, Carry case and Patient response Switch
Also available seperately for the PC850, include:
  • Carry case
  • Database software


The ASRA Audiometer employs modern electronics, coupled with continually developing software, to provide a unique range of facilities in a user-friendly package, for progressive occupational health professionals. Customer driven software upgrades are available annually to expand the features available and to ensure each Asra is kept totally up to date. Installation and training are included with UK deliveries at no extra cost and a comprehensive warranty and support package is available to ensure customers continue to enjoy the benefits Asra offers, for years to come.


  • The Asra main program provides Automatic test routines which follow the British Society of Audiology recommendations for pure tone testing
  •  Semi-automatic or manual test routines
  • Recall date calculation with operator override
  • Single or multiple pulse options
  • Storage of audiograms on disk and because of the file size and disk capacity available today, an almost infinite number of records can be stored
  •  Recall of stored results to screen for comparison with current test
  • Printout of result in full  A4 format
  • Option to merge data with user-definable letters
  •  Categorisation of results based on age and previous results
  •  Adaptation of test protocol to suit patient and operator
  • Wide intensity range (-20 to +120 dB) to allow accurate assessment for all age groups
  • Wide frequency range 125Hz to 12 kHz with 4 standard frequency lists
  • Export of results data in a form suitable for all modern database software


The Asra utility program adds the following facilities Production of recall lists showing name, ID number, audiogram date, recall date, and previous result categorisation, for any period in the future. Production of test lists containing the same information but based on a previous time range and selected by audiogram date. Statistical analysis of audiograms found during any search sequence by category with the option to print it out e.g. annual statistics. Production of a "Word" mail merge file containing audiogram information selected by date and category to facilitate the generation of referral documentation. Trend analysis search, which calculates annual loss figures to help identify those suffering accelerated hearing loss.


A full system comprises of:
  • Asra Classic Audiometer with earphones
  • Patient response button
  • USB cable
  • Batch utility software
  • installation
  • UKAS calibraion certificate
  • On site training
  • The computer has to have a free USB port, to link with Asra, but does not have to be physically beside it.
We also supply the ASRA OSICUS. 

 AED defib web

The Zoll AED Plus® Defibrillator does more than just defibrillate, it ensures, with audible prompts,  that infrequent rescuers respond accurately & appropriately during a sudden cardiac arrest. It has a one piece electrode that measures the rate & depth of chest compressions during CPR. Graphic and audio prompts instantaneous feedback ensuring rescuers perform the most effective CPR possible.


AED Plus® Defibrillator: 

  • Guides users through survival chain
  • Graphical, text & audio prompts
  • Assesses & advises CPR methodology
  • 10 x 3v batteries inc
  • Automatic self test
  • Audible prompt for battery replacement
  • Lid acts as patient headrest
  • Single piece electrode ensure accurate placement on patient
  • Batteries, adult electrode & prep pack, resus face mask, scissors, disposable gloves, razor, towel, moist wipe & carry case included

 amb spyg web


By now, we're sure you have seen or heard about the NICE guidelines published in August In case you haven't, these essentially advise that blood pressure readings in a surgery should only be taken as an initial guide to a patient's blood pressure, and that the true picture should be taken from either 24-hour, ambulatory BP monitoring or home monitoring using a BHS-validated blood pressure monitor. See the NICE website ( for more details.


Ambulatory monitoring has numerous benefits for both surgery and patient. These include:



More accurate results mean more precise treatment

24 hours of monitoring rather than up to 6 weeks’ home monitoring

No repeated trips to hospital - patients tend to live nearer their GP than their local hospital



  • Reduction/elimination of white coat hypertension
  • Ability to do multiple tests
  • Quick response time, no waiting for hospital to see the patient
  • Lower cost of treatment, no more hospital referral fees
  • More results means a more comprehensive picture of the patient's health, plus details can be easily downloaded onto patient notes 


Why the A&D TM-2430?

  • Top level A/A Clinical validation under BHS Protocol
  • Quick, quiet and comfortable measurement means a more comfortable patient experience and increased compliance
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • All in one kit means the only additional costs are for maintenance
  • Runs on rechargeable batteries (supplied) so reduced cost of consumables
  • Uses an ultra comfortable 100% cotton cuff, supplied with washable cuff liners to aid hygiene
  • Lowest cost Ambulatory BP Monitor available on the UK market
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Free Windows based software allows easy yet detailed analysis of patient readings
  • Free training on software, as well as back up service and software support from a UK service centre

CARDIOCHEK PA MACHINE- Updated Version 2.65
C/check new silver

Elevated cholesterol and lipid levels are important indicators of cardiac risk.


Now you can perform on-the-spot testing for these and other risk factors with one convenient portable and accurate whole-blood test system (Cardiochek PA).This machine is for professional use


The professional CardioChek is less invasive too the patient, more than one test can be carried out with one sample of blood and also is cost effective. It is now recommended that Cholesterol and HDL should  be tested together to obtain the ratio. (please see Duo test panels price list).  


Offers immediate lipid testing for face to face counselling and education.  
  • CLIA - Waved
  • FDA Cleared
  • Factory - calibrated for reliability
  • CE marked under the CE/IVD conforming to the 98/79/EC directive
  • Fast lipid panel testing - results in about 2 minutes
  • Single test results in about 1 minute
  • Convenient fingerstick blood sample
  • Automatic printing for immediate record-keeping.
  • Hand-held portability, battery-operated convenience
  • Two-button operation simplifies testing and training
  • Reliable operation - no moving parts
  • Internal memory allows review of results
  • Broad test menu


The Elemental Cautery system features a rechargeable power supply and an exceptionally compact foot-print on its desk charger making it ideal for surfaces where space is limited.


The hygienic design ensures that there are no difficult areas to clean and the unit is very simple to use - plug in, charge and use.


This compact, modern unit is ideal for any GP or Nurse looking for a simple, cost effective solution to everyday minor op procedures carried out in general practice.
  • Unit complete with handle
  • Intelligent charging system
  • Twin lamp charging indicators
  • User Booklet
  • Fully charged from empty in three hours
  • 10 -15 minutes continual operation from a full charge



 Pharm fridge web


A professional 150 litre under bench pharmacy refrigerator powered by the Labcold IntelliCold™ controller. Designed for the safe storage of cold chain pharmaceuticals, this refrigerator helps busy professionals meet regulatory requirements laid down in the DH Green Book with an easy to operate intuitive four button controller and 13 month temperature data storage. This data can be downloaded to a free SD card (available when the warranty is registered) and stored on a PC or Mac. Reliable and robust, this refrigerator is engineered to meet the demands of a busy practice or pharmacy and is backed by the Labcold FREE 5 year parts and labour warranty.


Can be fitted with Labcold divided drawer(s) which are exclusively designed to keep air flow to a maximum whilst helping to keep stock tidy. Manufactured from hygienic aluminium these drawers can be bought individually and can be retro fitted.

Available in various sizes, please call our customer service team for further information
  • Portable Vaccine Carrier (See below)
Vaccine Carry

Temperature Display, Digital with Audio/visual Alarm

  • Door Lock
  • CFC, HCFC & Ammonia Free
  • Temperature Controlled internal fans
  • 36litre, 66litre, 150litre & 300 Litre Capacities
  • Conforms to RPSGB Guidelines
  • Min/Max Temperature Recording



Pulse Oximeter

A self-contained Digital Pulse Oximeter that is ideal for spot-checking or short term monitoring of patients in a number of environments. Designed with an integrated finger clip sensor, Nonin's Onyx packs a powerful electronic package into a compact, 2oz (62g) size. The convenient size and an easy to read LED display provide numerical values for functional SpO2 and pulse rate, making it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals. 


 Onyx Pulse Oximeter:

  • Easy to operate; automatically activates with finger insertion, deactivates when finger is removed
  • Easy to verify operation; colour-coded perfusion indicator alerts user to changes in pulse signal that may affect SpO2 data
  • LED display flashes once per second to indicate low battery.
  • Weighs just two ounces (62g) with batteries and is comfortable to wear around the neck or in a belt carrying case.
  • Requires no periodic maintenance or calibration other than battery replacement
  • Soft Case pouch provided

 seca ct3000i web

12 lead, 3 Channel ECG with high quality interpretive program

  • Auto-start button automatically produces the ECG traces complete with Rhythm Strip, Measurements and Interpretation
  • Filters for baseline, electrical and muscle tremor interference, providing clear traces
  • Lead off warning and identification
  • Useful copy button for extra ECG traces
  • 12 simultaneously acquired ECG traces printed on 90 mm paper, eliminates trace overlap
  • Paper tray accommodates z-fold or roll paper
  • Manual button provides real time print-outs
  • Mains and battery operation
  • Battery recharges automatically and when fully charged provides 4 hours of continuous operation
  • Secure and portable within the Seca hard carry case option (see accessories and consumables)
  • Supplied complete with mains cable, patient cable, pack of z-fold paper, 500 disposable electrodes and alligator clips
  • Dimensions: 293 x 210 x 73 mm
  • Weight: 2.9 kg

seca trolley web
  • Dedicated for use with the Seca range of ECG machines.
  • Spring loaded arm for control of patient cable and storage basket for electrodes and paper.
  • Non-metallic top.
SECA CT6i web
  • 12 Channel ECG with high quality interpretive program
  • Choice of up to 12 leads per page or the popular 4 x 3 leads plus Rhythm Strip, Intervals and Interpretation on one A4 page
  • Auto-start one touch operation or manual real time
  • Large A4 paper tray providing up to 240 ECG pages
  • Mains and battery operation with automatic recharge
  • Fully charged battery will provide up to 400 ECGs
  • 12 lead simultaneous acquisition with lead off warning and identification
  • Interference filters for baseline drift, electrical interference and muscle tremor
  • Copy button for extra traces
  • Supplied complete with mains cable, patient cable, pack of z-fold paper, 500 disposable electrodes and alligator clips
  • Dimensions: 399 x 338 x 104 mm
  • Weight: 5 kg
SECA CT8000i web
  • Compact, light weight and multifunctional ECG offering the best of both worlds
  • Paperless ECG option – download and electronically store ECG traces inside all leading clinical record systems e.g. EMIS, Vision, System One via RS232 port
  • Stand alone use and PC connectivity for paperless ECG options
  • 12 lead, 3 Channel high quality interpretive ECG with LCD screen and alpha-numeric keyboard
  • Choice of both internal and external print formats, including automatic rhythm strip
  • One touch automatic or instant real time operation
  • Internal memory for up to 45 stored ECG records
  • High quality adult and paediatric interpretive software
  • Digital filters for mains, base line and muscle tremor
  • Easy-to-use one-touch button operation
  • Additional advanced filters (SSF and SBS) for clear traces
  • Dedicated soft keys for ease of storing, printing and transmitting
  • Integral port to connect to a standard DeskJet or Laser printer for an A4 print out
  • Optional communication module (built-in Lan and modem connections)
  • Mains/rechargeable battery operation
  • Secure and portable within the Seca hard carry case option (see accessories and consumables)
  • Supplied complete with mains cable, patient cable, pack of z -fold paper, 500 disposable electrodes and alligator clips
  • Dimensions: 285 x 195 x 70 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg

 SECA CT8000P web
  •  Equipped to provide paperless ECG options when combined with Seca Archimed Passport Software
  • 12 Channel high quality interpretive ECG with LCD screen and alpha-numeric keyboard
  • High quality adult and paediatric interpretive software
  • Easy selection of traces from 12 x 1, 6 x 2 or the popular 4 x 3 plus Rhythm Strip one page report
  • On-screen lead test and lead-off indication
  • One touch automatic or instant real time operation
  • High quality digital filters for clear traces (mains, base line and muscle tremor)
  • Internal memory for up to 45 stored ECG records
  • All parameters including filters are easily programmed through the on screen menu for a one touch ECG
  • SVGA output for external colour monitor connection
  • Dedicated one touch keys for storing, printing and transmitting
  • Easy-load paper tray (220 A4 pages)
  • Upgradeable to Stress Test and Thrombolysis Indication, please enquire for full details
  • Optional communication module (built-in Lan and modem connections)
  • Mains/rechargeable battery operation
  • Supplied complete with mains cable, patient cable, pack of z-fold paper, 500 disposable electrodes and alligator clips
  • Dimensions: 330 x 381 x 76 mm
  • Weight: 5 kg 

 TM2655 BP WEB

The TM-2655P  blood pressure monitor (sphyg) from A & D is the perfect automatic whole-arm sphygmomanometer for waiting room testing. An ergonomic design allows the patient to sit comfortably improving posture resulting in greater accuracy.

The simplicity of the TM-2655P allows the patient to test themselves upon arrival at the surgery which not only saves patient and GP consultation time, but helps to reduce or alleviate 'white coat' syndrome.


Results are printed on thermal paper which the patient can then hand to the GP or Practice Nurse. The printouts can then be stored as an auditable record in the patient record system.

New for 2009 is the TM-2655P's Irregular Heartbeat Indicator which is indicated on the printout if detected during a measurement.  This indication is a useful alert to the possibility of an arrhythmia.

  •  Clinically validated to AAMI/ANSI SP10 Protocol
  • Large LED display
  • Energy saving function - automatically switches off 3 minutes after last measurement
  • Infra-red sensor automatically turns power on when the next patient sits at the unit
  • Selectable printout formats
  • Compact size allows easy placement in any waiting room
  • Emergency Stop button
  • 2 year warranty


  • Cuff circumference: 180mm to 370mm
  • Measurement method: Oscillometric
  • Blood pressure range: 0 - 280mmHg (±3mmHg or 2%)
  • Pulse range: 30 - 200 bpm
  • Dimensions: 245 x 320 x 390mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 9kg

The TM-2655P is supplied complete with Printer & Stand.


alpha web                       

Vitalograph ALPHA is an easy to use, lightweight desktop spirometer that delivers an ideal combination of portability, speed and accuracy. ALPHA's low cost spirometry testing is enhanced by a precise and robust Fleisch pneumotachograph and a high resolution colour screen.

  • Measures VC, FVC, FEV1, FEV1 Ratio, PEF, FEF25-75% and more
  • On-screen visualisation of volume/time and flow/volume curves
  • Saves multiple pre-tests for subsequent post-testing
  • Compact Flash removable memory card slot
  • Presents the test information in clear, easy to read format
  • Links to PC via USB with Vitalograph Reports Software
  • Fast, silent printer that prints 140 tests per roll
  • Battery and mains power with integrated battery for off site testing
  • Real time clock
  • Autoclaveable flowhead
  • Facility for user accuracy checks
  • Automatically selects the best test
  • Complete with stylish carry case



alpha touch web

Simple touch screen spirometer with built-in printing & automatic PC connectivity

The new generation Vitalograph ALPHA Touch is an easy to use, lightweight desktop spirometer that offers the benefits of portability, data integration and a built in printer.
  • Fleisch Pneumotachograph, the best performing flow measuring technology in the world
  • Simple icon driven menu with large, high resolution colour touch-screen
  • Storage capacity for 10,000 subjects
  • Automatic two-way synchronisation of patient data and test sessions between ALPHA Touch and Spirotrac
  • Over 50 test parameters to choose from
  • F/V & V/T curves viewable in real time
  • Pre-post bronchodilator comparison
  • Single or multi breath
  • % predicted or SDS scores comparison
  • Hours of battery life for a full day of off-site testing
  • Choice of attractive incentives with sound effects
  • Customisable reports including interpretation option, BMI and lung age information

Vita in2itive web

Vitalograph In2itive™ combines the benefits of full spirometry, data integration and mobility in a small lightweight handheld spirometer. Robust Fleisch flow measuring technology and a simple icon driven menu, plus a large, high resolution colour touch-screen and storage capacity for 10,000 subjects, makes In2itive the ideal solution for high quality spirometry on the move. Manual entry of subject data is optional as In2itive makes it possible to select all subject data from Spirotrac and download it automatically – saving time and eliminating data entry errors.


  • Cradle for battery charging, connection to a PC and automatic data exchange saving time and eliminating errors
  • Assured hygiene with removable flowhead, SafeTway mouthpieces or BVF Bacterial/Viral Filters
  • Hours of battery life for a full day of off-site testing
  •  Over 50 test parameters
  •  Pre-post bronchodilator comparison
  • Single and multi-breath F/V or V/T curves viewable in real time
  • Choice of child incentives with sound effects
  • Remote flowhead option enables the subject to view incentives while performing the test Icon driven menus
  •  Print via your PC or via Spirotrac or print direct to a USB
  • A4/Letter size printer using optional printer cradle
  • Range of accessories and robust carrying case


Vita pneumotrac web
The Vitalograph Pneumotrac is an excellent spirometry choice when long-term storage and analysis of patient results are essential. It offers over 30 configurable parameters and storing and trending of test results.The Vitalograph Pneumotrac features sophisticated Spirotrac® software and the unparalled accuracy of Fleisch pneumotachograph flow measuring technology.
  • Windows spirometry software compatible with Windows 2000 & XP Professional
  •  Automatic test QA and interpretation
  • Trending, pre/post, animation and more
  • Communication options with other programs
  • Network options
  • Please note: Their may be an Annual license fee by the manufacturer. Please contact Healthmed for further information

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