Ophthalmoscope PiccoLight E50

Ophthalmoscope PiccoLight E50

Ophthalmoscope  PiccoLight E50

The examination of the fundus of the eye is a standard procedure for eye specialists. Anaesthesiologists, surgeons, neurologists, emergency doctors and rescue medics also rely on direct ophthalmoscopy.

KaWe ophthalmoscopes prove themselves through their precise and shadow-free illumination of the fundus of the eye. With this unique technology - the wide aperture angle of the illumination optics - the examiner is able to see a large area while at a very close proximity to the subject.

The ophthalmoscope heads of the  PICCOLIGHT® have one or six apertures. The handles hold either standard or rechargeable batteries. Your own individual diagnostic set can be assembled entirely as you would like to have it.

1 diaphragm excellent, uniform illumination! Very large examination field of the fundus of the eye.
  • battery handle (AA)
  • 2.5 V vacuum bulb
  • with correction lens wheel
    in stages from +20 to -20 dioptres
  • aspherical precision optics
  • in colour-coordinated cloth bag
  • batteries: (type AA) batteries not included in the scope of supply


Also available:
 Diagnostic Set including otoscope.
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