Cardiochek® Glucose Test Strips PK 25

CardiochekĀ® Glucose Test Strips PK 25

CardiochekĀ® Glucose Test Strips PK 25

Cardiochek® Cholesterol & Glucose Test Strips - 25 per Pack

Product Specifications

Range: 40-600 mg/dL (2.22 - 33.3 mmol/L)    

Sample: 1.1 µL whole blood (fingerstick)

No Refrigeration 

The CardioChek® family of products include PTS Panels® test strips and a MEMo Chip which allow flexibility in testing with the CardioChek PA and CardioChek Plus analyzers.
PTS Panels test strips are composed of several layers of filters and dry chemistry membranes in a plastic carrier. Each membrane layer performs specific functions to process and facilitate chemical reactions.  The dry chemistry membranes are stable at room temperature.

The MEMo Chip is the key link between the test strip and the analyzer.  A MEMo Chip is included with each vial of test strips and contains specific calibration and other information that enables the analyzer to "read" each particular test strip.
In addition, PTS Panels controls for use with CardioChek analyzers ensure proper performance.



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