Tubular Support Bandages Natural

Tubular Support Bandages Natural

Tubular Support Bandages Natural
Comfortable & supportive, the same time allowing freedom of movement. Stays securely in place without the need for tapes or pins. Natural coloured, cotton blend, elasticated tubular bandage.

Cost Effective, can be cut to size to suit the individual. Available in 10m rolls.

Reusable and completely washable without losing its effectiveness. Quick and easy to apply, can also be used with applicators - for assistance over bulky dressings or painful joints.

For muscle strains, sprains & joints - use as double layer of bandage.

Can also be used for dressing retention with a single layer of bandage.

Available in sizes:
  • Size B (Approx 13-16cm)
  • Size C (Approx 16-20cm)
  • Size D (Approx 20-24cm)
  • Size E (Approx 24-28cm)
  • Size F (Approx 28-36cm)
  • Size G (Approx 36-46cm)
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