TM 2655P BP Monitor (with printer and stand)

TM 2655P BP Monitor (with printer and stand)


The TM-2655P  blood pressure monitor (sphyg) from A & D is the perfect automatic whole-arm sphygmomanometer for waiting room testing. An ergonomic design allows the patient to sit comfortably improving posture resulting in greater accuracy.

The simplicity of the TM-2655P allows the patient to test themselves upon arrival at the surgery which not only saves patient and GP consultation time, but helps to reduce or alleviate 'white coat' syndrome.


Results are printed on thermal paper which the patient can then hand to the GP or Practice Nurse. The printouts can then be stored as an auditable record in the patient record system.

New for 2009 is the TM-2655P's Irregular Heartbeat Indicator which is indicated on the printout if detected during a measurement.  This indication is a useful alert to the possibility of an arrhythmia.

  •  Clinically validated to AAMI/ANSI SP10 Protocol
  • Large LED display
  • Energy saving function - automatically switches off 3 minutes after last measurement
  • Infra-red sensor automatically turns power on when the next patient sits at the unit
  • Selectable printout formats
  • Compact size allows easy placement in any waiting room
  • Emergency Stop button
  • 2 year warranty


  • Cuff circumference: 180mm to 370mm
  • Measurement method: Oscillometric
  • Blood pressure range: 0 - 280mmHg (±3mmHg or 2%)
  • Pulse range: 30 - 200 bpm
  • Dimensions: 245 x 320 x 390mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 9kg

The TM-2655P is supplied complete with Printer & Stand.

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