TM2430. Ambulatory blood pressure monitor

TM2430. Ambulatory blood pressure monitor




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By now, we're sure you have seen or heard about the NICE guidelines published in August In case you haven't, these essentially advise that blood pressure readings in a surgery should only be taken as an initial guide to a patient's blood pressure, and that the true picture should be taken from either 24-hour, ambulatory BP monitoring or home monitoring using a BHS-validated blood pressure monitor. See the NICE website ( for more details.


Ambulatory monitoring has numerous benefits for both surgery and patient. These include:



More accurate results mean more precise treatment

24 hours of monitoring rather than up to 6 weeks’ home monitoring

No repeated trips to hospital - patients tend to live nearer their GP than their local hospital



  • Reduction/elimination of white coat hypertension
  • Ability to do multiple tests
  • Quick response time, no waiting for hospital to see the patient
  • Lower cost of treatment, no more hospital referral fees
  • More results means a more comprehensive picture of the patient's health, plus details can be easily downloaded onto patient notes 


Why the A&D TM-2430?

  • Top level A/A Clinical validation under BHS Protocol
  • Quick, quiet and comfortable measurement means a more comfortable patient experience and increased compliance
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • All in one kit means the only additional costs are for maintenance
  • Runs on rechargeable batteries (supplied) so reduced cost of consumables
  • Uses an ultra comfortable 100% cotton cuff, supplied with washable cuff liners to aid hygiene
  • Lowest cost Ambulatory BP Monitor available on the UK market
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Free Windows based software allows easy yet detailed analysis of patient readings
  • Free training on software, as well as back up service and software support from a UK service centre
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