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CardioChek PA (Udated 2.65 Version)
The machine for Professionals that not only performs single tests but allows dual or triple tests to be used at the same time.
This is much less invasive to the patient than other machines on the market.
Knowing your patients cholesterol and helping them to stay on top of it. It's a key part of taking charge of your companies cardiovascular health risk. The CardioChek analyzer gives you the ability to determine your patients cholesterol or other important indicators of cardiovascular disease ...any time, any place ... with a small drop of blood from a finger.
Hand-held portability, battery operated, 2 button operation, internal memory allows review of results, broad test menu performs from a single test to both duo or triple panel.       
  • Fast - Results within one to two minutes   
  • Innovative - Runs on portable hand-held device using AAA batteries
  • Flexible - Suitable for multiple clinical applications
  • Accurate - CE marked / FDA cleared / CLIA waived
  • Convenient - Test at point-of-care, no fasting, no refrigeration
  • Cost-effective - No expensive lab analysis or follow-up consultation delay
  • Fully automated - Simply pipette a single sample onto test strip
  • Memory log - Stores up to 200 results - showing date and time and result 
  • Less invasive - Allowing various tests to be carried out with just one drop of of blood if using duo or other combined test strips (see below).
    Please note: It is now recommended that Cholesterol/HDL should be tested together to obtain the ratio.The ratio is automatically given for Total Cholesterol and HDL when using the combined test strip (see below).
    This device is for medical professionals only




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